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Amazon UK launches digital games section

Amazon UK launched the beta version of its new Digital Games section, an area of the retail website offering downloadable games for Windows PC and Mac, according to its page.

The section currently includes more than 600 titles, and contain games that are either direct downloads for Windows and Mac or product codes for use with Valve's Steam platform. Amazon UK has also set up a separate free-to-play category that groups togethers all free titles and their available DLC.

The Digital Games section also allows site visitors to purchase codes for Microsoft Points and Xbox Live Gold memberships for immediate use on Xbox 360.

In addition to the Digital Games section, Amazon UK also added an area dedicated to downloadable software. The section includes programs from software companies including Adobe, Microsoft and Rosetta Stone.

Games and software purchased through these sections can be re-downloaded at any time through customer's Amazon accounts.

Additionally, Amazon UK is offering a two-day sale on select Ubisoft games including titles from the Far Cry and Anno series.

The Digital Games section has already been available on the North American version of the website and is currently running a sale on Irrational Games' BioShock titles.