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Red Dead Redemption voice actor joins the cast of Codename Cygnus

Red Dead Redemption voice actor Rob Wiethoff, best known for his role as the voice of John Marston, is joining the cast of a new iOS interactive radio drama called Codename Cygnus.

The game is in development from Boston-based indie team Reactive Studios, who are working with over 25 voice actors who will populate a fictional world inspired by old time serial radio dramas. Wiethoff will be joined by Sarah Elmaleh of Gone Home and Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame, among others.

This will be the first new title that Wiethoff will offer his voice to since Red Dead Redemption three years ago. Polygon recently had an in-depth interview with Wiethoff about his struggles as an actor and his life following Rockstar. You can check that out here.

As of press time, Codename Cygnus has reached $8,794 of its $11,000 funding goal with four days to go. You can help to fund the iOS game right here.

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