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Bethesda: Wii U games 'not on our radar' for near future

Bethesda has no immediate plans to bring its upcoming roster of games to Wii U, VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines told Joystiq during this year's QuakeCon, ruling out Wii U ports for The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within.

While this doesn't rule out the system for the future, Hines emphasized: "None of the games we've announced are being developed for the Wii U, so it's guaranteed that none of those games are coming to Wii U. Will any future ones come out? I can't say for sure, in our near-term focus it's not on our radar."

"It's largely a hardware thing," said Hines, who then explained that the publisher's mantra is to "make the games that we want to make, on whatever platforms will support them as developed." According to Hines, The Elder Scrolls Online would have also seen a release on Xbox 360 were it not for hardware limitations which mean it "just wasn't possible." With reference to the Wii U, Hines said that "it remains to be seen what the future holds."

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