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State of Decay third title update fixes large community freezing bug

The third title update for State of Decay, available now, fixes a major bug that caused games with large communities of survivors to freeze and crash, Undead Labs announced on its forums.

In the post, Undead Labs' Sanya Weathers wrote that those affected by the "overlarge community bug" will likely not have to restart their game from square one after installing the update. However, players whose communities grew rapidly early on in their game may still have to. Those who did not have massive communities will not need to restart their games.

"I feel honorbound to warn those few of you with really enormous communities, especially if you had a very large community relatively early in the map progression, that you may still be unable to load the game," Weathers wrote. "If you still can't get the game to load after updating, you will need to restart."

Title Update 3 will also prepare the developer to streamline their game and reduce the number of versions available — that is copies running under different title updates.

The update also allows players to bring NPCs with them on missions and train members of other Enclaves in their Home's Dojo, tweaks zombie AI during training and morale missions and prevents vehicles from teleporting back to their Home parking spaces at 6 a.m. within the game. The update will also now remind players every 15 minutes during missions, beginning 30 minutes into the mission, when progress is not being saved.

A full list of changes available with Title Update 3 are available on the Undead Labs forums.

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