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Civilization Online PvP, eras detailed

Civilization Online, XL Games' online-only Civilization title, will include one-on-one player-vs-player matches, careers over classes and a variety of different eras, executive producer Jake Song told Massively.

Speaking with the publication, Song detailed many of the game's mechanics. He explained that PvP will be "basically between civilizations," though smaller matches will exist.

"That's the core mechanic of the Civilization game — you conquer other civilizations by military [force] or through technology," Song said. "We are planning to support various types of combat, like small 1v1 PvP stuff in the corner of the world, but you also can gather hundreds of people and invade Washington or some other city."

Players who die will be resurrected in the town hall of their city. Although there will be some sort of small penalty, players won't lose items or have to return to their corpse.

Civilization Online will also include several eras — including Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial and Modern — split into different sessions. To win that session, players must meet victory conditions such as conquering the most of a world or creating space travel. Players will choose from different careers, rather than classes, and work to develop new architecture, technology and more.

You can read the full interview over at Massively. Civilization Online was announced for Asian markets last year.

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