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Nintendo files lawsuit against console hacking website

Nintendo of America has filed a lawsuit against, a website that sells pirated Nintendo games and devices that allow users to "hack" the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii, the company announced today.

The lawsuit was filed in the South District of Florida against the owners of the website, which also offers devices that allow a workaround for the console's security systems.

According to a statement from Nintendo, the owners have "developed a global business" from selling unauthorized copies of Nintendo's titles and devices such as the R4 cartridge in order to play pirated games and break through security on Nintendo's handhelds. The site also states it is an authorized carrier for 3DS Gateway flashcards, cartridges that work similar to R4 cards.

For a fee, also offers services to modify and circumvent security systems on the Wii to allow users to play illegally-obtained games.

Last fall, Japan banned the import and sale R4 cartridges due to their frequency of use in pirating Nintendo 3DS and DS games. In July, Nintendo announced it had won a long-standing legal battle against two distributors of R4 devices. A Tokyo court ruled that the offending R4 sellers must pay Nintendo along with a number of other companies, including Square Enix and Capcom, a total of $944,966.25 USD in damages.

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