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DuckTales dev diary talks sound, reveals remastered Moon theme

A new behind-the-scenes video for the remake of classic NES platformer DuckTales looks at the sound and music design.

Sound design is a crucial part of games that often slips under the radar, and when remaking a time-honored classic it's important to ensure that the sound effects are faithful to the original, say the developers. Jumps need to sound like the old jumps, hitting an enemy needs to sound like it did in the original, and so on.

According to director Austin Ivansmith, WayForward didn't originally intend to include voice acting in the game until Disney offered to get the original voice actors for the DuckTales animated series. "You don't say no to that. Oh, Alan Young wants to play Scrooge? Yes, we will write a bigger script, write more and bring him to life."

One part of video game sound design that doesn't go without notice is the music, and the original DuckTales has some very iconic themes. "The DuckTales music is some of the best 8-bit music I've ever heard," says creative director Matt Bozon, and the devs cite themes like that of the Transylvania and Himalayas stages as memorable. The most famous piece of music from the original NES title, however, was that of the Moon level, and the video introduces how the classic theme sounds in this current-gen remake.

DuckTales Remastered hits Wii U eShop, PlayStation Network and Steam on Aug. 13, and Xbox Live Arcade on Sept. 11.