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Indiegogo successes lag behind Kickstarter, one in ten projects funded (updated)

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo often houses less successful projects than its fellows, with about 80 percent of projects failing to reach more than a fourth of their goal, The Verge reports.

Compare this to Kickstarter, where only 46 percent of fundraisers fail to grab more than 20 percent of their goal. According to The Verge's data analysis, only 9.3 percent of Indiegogo's 142,301 projects reached or surpassed their goals — a stark contrast to Kickstarter's 44 percent.

Unlike Kickstarter, however, which requires campaigns to meet their goal in order to collect funds, Indiegogo does not have the all or nothing requirement. Instead, those who reach their goal will only pay a 4 percent fee to Indiegogo, as opposed to a 9 percent payment.

Reasons for the discrepancies in websites varies, though Kickstarter collects more traffic and has a strict screening process.

Check out the full report over at The Verge.

Update: A representative for Indiegogo offered comment to Polygon on The Verge's original report, saying the statistic cited "for [the] definition of success is incorrect." The statement takes issue with the accuracy of the report, pointing out Indiegogo's "flexible funding option, which allows Indiegogo customers to succeed at raising money without reaching any specific total."

We have requested more information on their statistics and will update accordingly.

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