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DriveClub environmental settings, visual effects detailed

DriveClub's settings feature details "equivalent to PC first-person shooters," and a day and night system that lights the game, technical art director Alex Perkins told The Guardian.

Speaking with the publication, Perkins said that even the game's look and feel will change "dramatically" based on things like cloud coverage and lighting.

"None of the direct light or shade is faked anymore," Perkins said. "It's at the point where you can see things like dynamic lens flare when you look at the sun and you can see a bit of chromatic aberration because we're mimicking slightly cheaper film lenses to capture deliberate imperfections that will make the game more lifelike."

The game's vehicles will also deliver an experience based on real data ported in from car modeling, game director Paul Rustchynsky said. Overall, cars should feel more authentic.

"It sits in the middle between simulation and arcade," clarifies Rustchynsky. "It's grounded in realism, so the cars have a sense of weight, a tactile feel with the road, but we want to make sure it's easy to throw them around the corners, it's all about having fun with the cars. But there is a lot of depth — you want to shave milliseconds of your lap times, you can do that. But players can pick up the pad and hammer the throttle, the intricacies can be picked up later."

Read the full write-up over at The Guardian. DriveClub was announced earlier this year during Sony's PlayStation 4 unveiling.

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