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Freddy Krueger figure based on NES A Nightmare On Elm Street hits Nov.

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Toymaker NECA will release a special edition NES-themed Freddy Krueger action figure based on the 8-bit version of A Nightmare On Elm Street later this year, the company announced today.

NECA's Freddy Krueger "1989 Video Game Appearance" will feature a limited color palette based on the NES game, which was developed by Rare Ltd. and published by LJN in 1989. The seven-inch action figure sports a removable hat, multiple points of articulation and packaging based on the video game's box art.

The NES-inspired Freddy action figure serves as a companion piece to the 8-bit era-inspired Jason Vorhees action figure released at San Diego Comic-Con. It was based on LJN's Friday the 13th video game, also released in 1989.

The Freddy Krueger video game appearance figure will be release in November.