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Xbox One peripherals detailed in three videos

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Microsoft released three videos featuring its next-generation chat headset, wireless controller and charging kit, offering consumers a closer look at the first-party peripherals for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One wireless controller, video below, features 40 design changes from the current-gen controller. The charging kit, video below, comes with a 9-foot charging cable with LED indicator and recharges in four hours.

Last month, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would not ship with a headset in the box, saying the packaged Kinect sensor will suffice for in-game chat and other communication apps. In June, it was reported that only Xbox One headsets and peripherals will be compatible with Microsoft's next-generation console. The company confirmed a week later that it is working on solutions to allow other brands of gaming headsets to connect to the controller for gaming and chat audio.

The headset, wireless controller and the charging kit are up for pre-order for $24.99, $59.99 and $24.99, respectively, through Microsoft's store. Both are available as a package for $74.99. The wireless controller is also available via Amazon for $59.96, and GameStop and Best Buy for $59.99.

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