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Portal 2 Sunburst Aperture sentry turret available for pre-order

Limited edition merchandiser, the IP factory, have opened pre-orders for a special edition Portal 2 Sunburst aperture sentry turret, which will be available Q4 2013.

Standing at 16-inches tall, including the base and antenna, the IP factory's turret flaunts an orange and white sunburst design. It also features a motion sensor which cause the turret's light to move when it detects movement. The sentry turret also plays in-game quotes, such as "search," "auto search," "disabled" and "tipped over."

Limited to 350 copies and ships worldwide, the product is available for pre-order for $324.99. Amongst other gaming merchandise, the company also offers a 16-inch poly-stone Dovahkiin the Dragonborn Collectible from Skyrim for $329.99.


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