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Pikmin 3 secret memos detailed by Miyamoto

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has released new details about the hidden memos that can be found throughout Pikmin 3.

Users who have found all 10 of the "secret data files" across the Wii U title will be able to use the info to access expedition logs that lead to a treasure.

"During their latest treasure-hunting adventure, Captain Olimar and his Hocotatian crew recorded a series of secret Expedition Logs, and entering the special code allows you to access them! The secret data files are hidden in various locations," says Miyamoto. "If you haven't yet found them all, don't give up. Keep on searching!"

Users will only be able to view these logs using the Wii U system's Internet browser.

A new series of in-game videos about the memos is also available via GameXplain, but keep in mind they contain spoilers about where to find these memos.

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