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PS3 music visualizer app launching next week from PixelJunk devs

A music visualizer app for PlayStation 3 — simply titled Visualizer — will arrive on the North American PlayStation Store next Tuesday, August 13, from the team behind the PixelJunk series, Q-Games.

The studio revealed the application today on the PlayStation Blog. It functions as you'd expect a music visualizer to function, capable of reading the library of music you have stored to the system, and using those tunes to procedurally generate visuals based on a handful of preset themes. Check out the trailer above to see some of these patterns in musical motion.The art style is similar to Q-Games interactive music creation game PixelJunk 4am, though Visualizer doesn't require a PlayStation Move or PlayStation Eye to use.

The application will cost a discounted $2.99 at launch before changing to its standard price of $4.99 two weeks later. Visualizer's launch date in Asia and Europe is still to be determined.

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