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IGF removes Technical Excellence category, details other changes

IGF 2014 now open

The Independent Games Festival will receive some changes to its competition criteria in 2014, according to a post on Gamasutra from IGF chairman Brandon Boyer.

Among the changes will be the removal of the Technical Excellence category and the minimum number of finalists in each category being raised from five to six.

"We've received a lot of feedback from jurists, entrants and the community at large and agree that... this once was an important category — which recognized the best and most innovative use of homegrown technology," Boyer said of the Technical Excellence category. "But the rise of widespread, affordable middleware has, if not leveled the playing field, then at least given many equal footing from which to begin.

"While there are still obviously innovative and enormously creative uses of all middleware and homegrown technology, we believe that other award categories will showcase games whose technology serves their gameplay, and agree with many that it's time to retire the category."

Boyer also reiterated a rule change that came into force for this year's IGF awards, which excludes previous finalists from re-entering the same game into the 2014 competition.

Submissions for the 2014 IGF are now open. Entry fee is $95, with a submissions deadline of Oct. 19.

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