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Om Nom catches disco fever in Cut the Rope: Time Travel

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel is sending its hungry protagonist Om Nom back to the 70s with the free Disco Era update, developer Zeptolab revealed today.

Disco Era is available now and includes 15 new levels inspired by the days when macho men danced at Studio 54. It also introduces a new item, the disco ball, that players use to keep the game's omnipresent candy intact and control light, as reflected in the trailer above.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is available in the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch ($0.99) and as an HD iPad version ($2.99) and through Google Play ($0.99). To learn more about he Russian twins who founded Zeptolab and what's on tap for this year, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with Efim and Semyon Voinov.