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Pokemon X and Y to introduce 'mega evolutions'

Pokemon X and Y will introduce the concept of "mega evolutions," according to the latest issue of CoroCoro, as translated by Serebii.

The "mega" evolutions pertain to characters such as MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, MegaMawile, MegaMewtwo, MegaLucario and MegaAmpharos. A new gym leader called Koruni will help players understand the next Pokemon evolution, which is apparently made possible by an item called the "Mega Stone." You can take a detailed look at the mega versions of the fighting creatures — including details like their type, classifications, weights and abilities — at a web page Serebii created.

Game Freak's Pokemon X and Y are slated for an Oct. 12 release on Nintendo 3DS. You can check out Polygon's recent coverage to watch a trailer and learn about the games' Legendary characters.

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