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YouTube's Geek Week Easter egg destroys videos with Missile Command

Based on Atari's 1980 arcade game Missile Command, the latest Easter egg from Google brings YouTube videos under attack from rocket fire when users type "1980" while a video is playing.

Entering the phrase causes a plateau of anti-aircraft weapons to appear for players to use against incoming 8-bit missiles. The video "cracks" with each direct hit and it's game over if the user lets too many missiles through.

Previous Google minigame Easter eggs include "Atari Breakout." Googling images of the game transforms the search results into colorful 2D blocks for players to obliterate using a bouncing ball. Another was a StarCraft-themed Easter egg where typing "zerg rush" into the search bar tasked users with defending the search results against swarming "O" characters.

The latest minigame, released as part of YouTube's Geek Week that runs from Aug. 4-10, is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. For a non-gaming Easter egg, enter "/ geek week" into YouTube's search bar.

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