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Final Fantasy 11 getting three free battle arenas for 11th anniversary

Square Enix is celebrating the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy 11 with the release of three free battle arenas available as add-ons to the original game.

The add-ons, which include the previously released but now free Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abbysea and Heroes of Abyssea are designed for users who have yet to properly test out the game's high-level content. Users can only access the new content if they have registered and installed the Rise of the Zilart and Wings of the Goddess packs.

The studio is also offering a starter package to new players, which includes 100,000 in the game's currency, teleportation stones, a lunar abyssite that allows players to use in-game "Atma" to increase the strength of their character, and eleven of the most popular Atma enhancements.

Final Fantasy 11 expansion pack, Seekers of Adoulin,first became available in North America last year on Windows PC and Xbox 360. A PlayStation 2 version is also currently available in Japan.

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