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Conan tackles the Atari 2600 and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

In his latest "Clueless Gamer" segment on Conan, host Conan O'Brien tried his hand at the Atari 2600 and a handful of classic games from console's era.

After several pointed remarks on the console's appearance, Conan and comrade Aaron Bleyaert take up their joysticks to tackle tank fighting game Combat, Missile Command, Golf, River Raid, Space Invaders and Pitfall.

The grande finale is a brief playthrough of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, widely considered one of the worst games ever made. The game was included in the show's viewer poll last month, in which fans got to choose which game Conan would play.

Conan appears to have no trouble navigating the older hardware, but does have some complaints about the graphics. To quote the man: "This is awful. This is just America on its knees." Watch the video above to see the full segment.

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