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Viscera Cleanup Detail, Satellite Reign, 13 more pass Steam Greenlight

Valve has passed 15 more titles through Steam Greenlight, bringing the total number of games approved through the service up to 160, the company announced today.

Among the new batch are horror janitorial simulation Viscera Cleanup DetaiI, Kent Hudson's The Novelist, current Kickstarter project 7 Days to Die and Satellite Reign, the Syndicate-inspired strategy game funded through Kickstarter last month.

Other titles include: the re-release of Trilobyte Games' The 7th Guest, FunSmith's Crashtastic, zombie apocalypse survival game The Dead Linger, SWAT team-based real time strategy game Door Kickers, INFRA, god game Maia, fantasy action game Nekro, Paranomal, post-plane crash survival game Stranded Deep, Strike Vector and Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches.

The previous batch of Greenlight titles, passed a little over two weeks ago, included Iron Galaxy Studios' fighting game Divekick and Deadly Premonition: The Directors' Cut.

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