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Pokemon X and Y's 'Mega Evolutions' and new training methods explained

Pokemon X and Y's "Mega Evolutions," revealed yesterday by CoroCoro, will allow players' creatures to temporarily power-up in battle by using unique items, Nintendo revealed in a press release distributed this morning.

Unlike regular evolutions, which cause Pokemon to change form after reaching certain requirements, Mega Evolutions let your monsters change form in battle by using a stone unique to certain Pokemon. Lucario, for example, can reach its Mega Evolution by using a Lucarionite, which increases its attack and changes its native ability. These stones will be hidden across the Kalos region, though Nintendo will distribute one Pokemon, Torchic, and the Mega Evolution stone it needs to become Mega Blaziken (after reaching its own final evolution) over Wi-Fi distribution for a limited time when Pokemon X and Y launch Oct. 12.

Pokemon X and Y will also introduce two new methods of improving your Pokemon's core stats. The first is called Super Training, which involve dextrous mini-games which utilize the Nintendo 3DS' touch screen. By completing those mini-games, your selected Pokemon's speed, HP, attack or other stats can be boosted. The other method is called Core Training, where players equip their Pokemon with training bags earned in the other training mode, and their monsters will improve their stats on their own.

Nintendo also revealed three new Pokemon — the electric and fairy-type Dedenne, the normal-type Bunnelby and grass-type Skiddo (which evolves into the recently revealed Pokemon Gogoat) — and a new gym leader, Korrina. All of the newly announced characters and features are included in the trailer posted above.

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