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Portland devs hold 'youth game camp,' more planned

Pixel Arts, a non-profit organization based in Portland, held its first Youth Game Camp July 27-28, during which about 25 volunteers helped 30 participants learn to make games, Oregon Live reports.

Campers chose areas of game development that interested them using three "pathways," which included Art and Animation, Computer Science and Programming and Design and Game Play.

Founders Will Lewis and Jeffrey Sens created Pixel Arts in June 2013 to "provide a framework for community groups to organize resources, bring volunteers together and create local opportunities for safe, intergenerational game education," according to the organization's official website for the Game Education PDX initiative, which organized the camp. Both are part of the Portland Indie Game Squad, an organization for local developers and enthusiasts.

"Our vision is that every community can open source social change through games and provide tools and resources to transform lives," Pixel Arts' official site explains. "Imagine learning through play where failure inspires engagement and encourages more exploration, better communication, and shared innovation. By providing robust services in learning and mentoring, we support long-term development of educational and economic resilience for the prosperity of all underserved youth in our communities."

Organizers have two more camps planned, one during winter break 2013 and another in summer 2014.

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