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Vega Conflict brings large-scale sci-fi battles to your browser

Kixeye launches Vega Conflict

Kixeye Australia recently launched its first game — a massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game called Vega Conflict.

The game is the first title the studio has released under the name Kixeye Australia. Prior to its acquisition by San Francisco-based Kixeye, the Brisbane-based studio was known as 3 Blokes Studios, which operated under RockYou and focused on strategy games.

The head of Kixeye Australia, George Fidler told Polygon that Vega Conflict is a brand new IP developed by the studio, and Kixeye gave the Australian team the freedom to make its own game.

"Kixeye's instruction to me was simple," Fidler said. "Assemble the finest talent in Australia and build a massive multiplayer strategy combat game which redefines the genre. So that's what we set out to do."

Most of the developers at Kixeye Australia have a background in strategy games, having worked on titles in the Total War series and Galactic Allies. Fidler told Polygon that the team's background helped them create a game with enormous depth and scale.

"We have real-time, synchronous PvP combat where you can fight other live players around the world. The gameplay universe is huge, with many planets, sector and galaxies to explore and lots of enemy bases to raid," he said. "This is strategy on a huge scale."

Vega Conflict is out now and is playable for free in web browsers.

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