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Orc Attack makes flatulence a group activity

Casual Brothers' upcoming hack-n-slash adventure game, Orc Attack, combines cooperative gameplay with goofy, fart-filled mechanics, as demonstrated by our time with the game at PAX Prime 2013.

In Orc Attack, players battle humans who have polluted the environment and subsequently poisoned the orc community. As a result, the orcs are pretty gassy — in addition to melee attacks, they can fart or burp at enemies with varied results. Farting in front of a flame will ignite a small explosion, knocking nearby enemies flat. Burps, meanwhile, are useful for short-range attacks. Flatulence-fueled attacks require magic to use, which we were able to quickly fill up by taking down enemies or pounding the ground.

The game also features light role-playing game elements. Players earn experience and gain levels, after which they can delegate points to different stats such as health or strength.

Orc Attack supports up to four players with drop-in-drop-out co-op. Players can choose from different styles of orcs, each of which sports a different look. As demonstrated by our hands-on time, playing with friends is about cooperation in a very goofy way. We were able to ignite our friend's fart without the use of a nearby flame just by burping, setting off a mighty blast that obliterated nearby enemies. The more players there are to make a gassy contribution, the bigger the boom.

An official release date for Orc Attack has not yet been announced, though the game is expected to launch before the holiday season for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC.

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