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Rabbids are the hardest thing to pilot through space

Rabbids are launching into space

Ubisoft announced today that is developing Rabbids Big Bang a piloting game that uses jetpacks and gravity — for iOS and Android devices, and it is due to launch in October 2013.

In Rabbids Big Bang, players have to whack a Rabbid into space using a baseball bat (as one does), and control the trajectory of the Rabbid using a fuel-powered jetpack to collect coins. The Rabbid will automatically tumble through space and it is up to the player to fire up the jetpack fuel when the Rabbid's head is pointing in the right direction.

Players will have to approach the game tactically, though, because jetpack fuel is limited, and it is very difficult to maneuver a Rabbid using the jetpack alone — players will have to rely on the gravitation pull of planets to help catapult them from one planet's sphere to another.

The game has 150 missions, and it gets harder with every level. Early missions require players to pilot a Rabbid around one planet, which is tricky enough as it is, especially if the Rabbid floats out of a planet's gravitational pull. In later levels, players will have to pilot the Rabbid between multiple planets, avoiding collision with random space objects and collecting bonus items.

In addition to worrying about floating off into space, players will also have to keep the Rabbids from flying too close to the sun, otherwise they will get sunburnt.

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