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Over my Dead Body 2 animated trailer introduces demon hunter protagonists

An animated trailer for Over My Dead Body 2, the sequel to cult role-playing game Over My Dead Body, in introduces the game's demon hunting protagonists and offers a glimpse at their respective skill sets.

Headed by director Shoji Masuda (Patapon, Toki to Towa), Over My Dead Body 2's release will mark the 15th anniversary of Over My Dead Body's launch in 1999 on the PSOne. In the first game, players take on the role of the son of a hero who is cursed by a demon to age rapidly, leaving him with a couple of years left to live. Players can have offspring but they all suffer the same curse, which can only be broken by killing the demon.

Announced at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, Over My Dead Body 2 is set to arrive on Japanese PlayStation Vita's in the summer of 2014. For more information about the title, be sure to watch the trailer above to see it in action.

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