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Sins of a Solar Empire's Stardock Entertainment promotes former modder to VP of development studio

PC games firm Stardock Entertainment, best known for the publishing of strategy series' Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations, has promoted modder-turned-studio-leader Derek Paxton to vice-President of the Michigan-based development team.

Prior to working for the studio, Paxton was most recognized for his work on the Civilization 4 mod Fall from Heaven. His job history also includes a 10-year career working in the technology sector of Fortune 500 company Novell. Since being hired by Stardock, Paxton has helped to successfully release two titles in the Elemental franchise.

"Derek has really transformed the game studio," said Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock. "His experience at managing multiple projects combined with his amazing design skills has resulted in not just better games but a better working environment for our teams."

Alongside the announcement of a new VP, Stardock plans to announce a series of new projects from the studio as part of its 20th anniversary this October.

Former VP Brad Wardell clarified to BluesNews: "I'm not retiring or anything. We're just in the process of expanding in a big way."

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