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Game art book to help Blizzard artist fight cancer

A book collection of game art from professionals and fans is being compiled to aid a Blizzard developer suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Kevin Kanai Griffith, 29, works at Blizzard as an artist on the Diablo 3 team. Last year he was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS), and has been receiving treatment for this aggressive illness since then.

Gamers for Good is organizing a campaign to create a book featuring art from numerous video games, including his own favorite franchises such as Super Metroid, Final Fantasy and Mortal Kombat.

More than 100 artists have offered their work, and Gamers for Good has set up a submission process, looking for more artists to join the campaign. All proceeds from the book will go towards Griffith's treatment.

"The art book was chosen as our outlet because of how much of a huge gamer Kevin is and how connected to the game art community he is," said Gamers for Good co-founder Liz Cooper, in an interview with Develop. "For so many that know and love Kevin, this was a natural way to both present something anyone would be willing to pay for and something that Kevin would enjoy having made in his honor."

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