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Perfect World Entertainment moves to mobile, four games planned

Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of Blacklight: Retribution and Star Trek Online, is moving into mobile development and publishing, the company announced today.

Perfect World plans to release action, strategy, massively multiplayer online and multiplayer online battle arena games. The first four games announced include:

  • Arena of Heroes, an asynchronous MOBA from Sneaky Games
  • Bombuds, a turn-based multiplayer game from Fugazo
  • Elemental Kingdoms, a trading card game from iFree Studio
  • The Null Society, an adventure/RPG hybrid from Agent Disco

"Perfect World knows how to build great free-to-play games, how to excite hardcore gamers and how to trust great studios with their own creative visions," said Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, general manager of Perfect World mobile. "With Perfect World's experience and focus, we believe we will not only break into mobile, but will become a leading mobile developer and publisher."

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