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Take On Mars receives Steam Workshop support, severe weather in October

Bohemia Interactive's Mars exploration simulator, Take On Mars, received a major update today, featuring Steam Workshop support, new side-missions and more, the studio announced, revealing that the free Deimos update will arrive on Oct. 3.

As well as new side-missions, today's update features improvements and fixes, which can be viewed in detail on the game's website. The Steam Workshop integration allows users to upload and share user-generated content, such as new Martian terrains, Rover models and scenarios. To serve as a "jumping off point," an example mod pack is available, consisting of a new crater location, a 4WD Buggy vehicle and Buggy customization options, including audio, configurations, equipment and textures.

Along with the introduction of sandstorms, strong winds and dust devils, the Deimos update will feature two new locations, Dynamic Mission Generation and a zero gravity environment-capable vehicle, the Zero-G Probe. In the update, the overhauled Part Failure System feature will take weather conditions and player's actions into greater account in relation to part failures. Deimos will be received as a free automatic Steam update.

Beginning Oct. 3, the price of Take On Mars on Steam will be increased to $17.99 up from $12.99.

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