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Project Phoenix Kickstarter tops $1M as funding closes

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The Kickstarter campaign for Project Phoenix, the JRPG from new collaborative studio Creative Intelligence Arts, has ended, with the developer bringing in a little over $1 million for its efforts.

The final tally for the campaign, which wrapped this morning, was $1,014,600. That's well beyond the project's initial $100,000 goal, and enough to meet a few of Project Phoenix's stretch goals, allowing the team to create additional character models, customizable player characters and a "fully explorable overworld."

Project Phoenix is a JRPG with strategic, squad-based combat which is being developed by a team of game development veterans from across the globe. Their ranks include director Hiroaki Yura, whose resume includes work on Diablo 3 and Valkyria Chronicles; composer Nobuo Uematsu, the longtime composer of the Final Fantasy series and art director Kiyoshi Arai, whose work also includes a handful of Square Enix projects.

Project Phoenix is expected to launch mid-2015 on Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, while a limited version of the game will hit iOS and Android. The studio is still taking donations for the project through PayPal.