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Lemmings Touch coming to PS Vita

A new Lemmings game has been announced for PlayStation Vita, developed by the same team that produced the 2012 PlayStation Mobile version of the classic puzzler.

Lemmings Touch from d3t is, as the name suggests, a touchscreen version of the series, in which players control individual characters, ascribing various skills to each in order to guide their followers to safety. The original Lemmings was created by developer DMA Design back in 1991.

The Vita version will feature a control scheme revamp, touchable objects like cannons and trampolines as well as new environments such a candy-land and an alien outer space level. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

"We've always wanted to see what we could do with the Lemmings franchise on a device as capable as PS Vita," wrote d3t's commercial director Jamie Campbell on the PlayStation Blog. "We took on board all of the feedback we received from the Playstation Mobile version."

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