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Taiko: Drum Master heading to Wii U in Japan this November

Taiko: Drum Master, Namco's percussion-based rhythm game, will launch for Wii U in Japan on Nov. 21, Gematsu reports via Famitsu.

Taiko: Drum Master was originally released for arcades, and then PlayStation 2 in 2004; the series has since launched on the Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii and PSP. The Wii U title will incorporate the console's GamePad and provide play for up to four players. The game will include a Baton Pass Performance mode and will allow players to use drums and drumsticks from the Wii edition.

The following songs have been confirmed for the game:

  • "Momoiro Taiko Dodonga Setsu,"Momoiro Clover Z
  • "Ninjari Banban,"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • "Sayonara Crawl," AKB48
  • "123 Koi ga Hajimaru,"Ikimono Gakari
  • "Flower Song," Exile
  • "Hands Up", One Piece
  • "Diamond Happy," Aikatsu!!
  • "Goushoku My Way," Toriko
  • "Vamola!! Kyoryuger," Jyuden Sentai Kyoruger
  • "Yasei Pokemon Ikusa Medley," Pokemon X and Y
  • "Oshiete Kuma Tomo," Kuma Tomo
  • "Amachan Opening Theme," Amachan

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