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Disney's Where's My Water? sequel adds new game modes and challenges

Where's My Water? sequel out today

Disney launched Where's My Water? 2 today, a sequel to the original Where's My Water? puzzle game that was released two years ago.

While Where's My Water? 2 has similar puzzle mechanics to the first game, it is structured differently. In the original game, players had access to the default Swampy levels, and if they wanted additional levels, they could buy the Cranky and Allie levels.

Swampy levels involved players cutting through dirt to guide water to Swampy the alligator, who was trying to take a shower. In the Cranky levels, players had to guide a toxic goo to Cranky's plate of food so that it could eat through the algae and reveal the real food on Cranky's plate. In Allie levels, players had to guide steam upwards to power Allie's musical pipe organ.

In Where's My Water? 2, instead of making players choose which track they want to play, the various level types are mixed together.

"They're more similar than they are different, so it made sense to bring them together," said developer Tim FitzRandolph. "Rather than offer packs of levels, we now have location maps, and the levels are intermixed on the path, offering players more variety."

In addition to the varied path, players now have access to different game modes. There's Duck Rush, which is a mode where the camera starts automatically scrolling as soon as players touch the screen. It is up to the player to keep the water on the screen by quickly cutting through the dirt and guiding it down to Swampy's shower. The same mode applies to Cranky's and Allie's levels. Duck Rush is a high pressure mode that offers a different experience to the standard way of playing. Where standard mode allows players to be slower and contemplative in where they guide the water, Duck Rush is about making quick decisions and being reactive.

The sequels also adds challenges and power-ups to change up the experience for players who have played through all 100+ levels. Challenge mode applies extra rules to the levels. For example, in the "Avoid" challenges, players have to avoid the objects they were previously collecting. Another mind-bending challenge is the "Upside Down" mode, where existing levels are flipped upside down to disorient the player.

Power-ups have also been included for those who need a bit of help collecting all the rubber ducks in each level. There's the vacuum power-up, which is an attractive force that pulls the water a little closer to the target; the dropper power-up that fills all ducks with four water droplets so they only need one more drop from the player; and the absorber, which makes ducks more resilient against nasty fluids.

Where's My Water? 2 is out today on the iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store, Windows Store and Amazon App Shop. A launch on Google Play is coming soon.

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