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Go Dance offers a pick up and play dance game for iOS

Go Dance, a new rhythm title from Sega, will allow users to dance wherever they like using iOS devices, according to a demo we saw during PAX Prime 2013.

The game works by using the device's camera to read a player's motions. They're then scored based on how accurate their moves are in turn and given a letter grade. Although the game can only read one person's activities at a time, players will be able to compete by going head-to-head via leaderboards. Scores can also be shared via email or Facebook.

Go Dance will feature several difficulty levels and receive more tracks after it launches. At the time of its release, it will include songs from Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Avicii and LMFAO. During our demo, we watched a Sega representative dance to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." While an avatar danced on the iPad screen, the representative mimicked the avatar by moving his arms and legs. According to Sega, players will be able to customize their avatar's look.

Go Dance will be available Sept. 12 via iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini for $1.99. Although it will be an iOS exclusive at launch, Sega told us future mobile platforms could be available in the future.

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