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Mighty No. 9 locks in another stretch goal, approaches console version

Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man locked in another stretch goal as it crossed the $2 million funding mark and is now less than $200,000 away from adding PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 support, according to it's Kickstarter page.

Mighty No. 9's $2 million stretch goal adds a separate mode to the upcoming game that has players taking on all of the game's bosses, back-to-back during a timed battle. Yesterday, developers Comcept walked backers through the designs for their upcoming game's many, colorful bosses.

Inafune announced Mighty No . 9 at a PAX Prime panel last month. Currently, the game is set to launch on PC, Linux and Mac, but stretch goals include support for current and next-gen consoles. While portable versions of the game currently on the table, the developers said that if fans continue to ask for it and they can fund it, versions for the Vita and 3DS are a possibility.

Check out our interview with Inafune for more details about the game and his decision to fund it through Kickstarter.

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