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League of Legends players win over 1.7M more games through sportsmanlike teamwork

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The ability to coordinate as a team in League of Legends significantly impacts the chances of winning, according to a video released by Riot Games.

Users who adopt a "sportsmanlike" approach to teamwork win over 1.7 million more games than the average player, said the studio, adding that "epic comebacks don't come from berating your teammates. Rage doesn't win games."

A team that has no raging players has a 54 percent average win rate, compared to a 46 percent average win rate with three raging players. Additionally players with a record of positive behavior win 10 percent more games than average users, while players with a history of being reported have an average win rate of 35 percent fewer games.

Riot Games recently revealed it houses a team of over 30 staff members attempting to implement measures to reduce toxic behavior in-game, including negative chat, offensive language and verbal abuse. Check out our interview with Riot's designer of social systems Jeffrey Lin on what the studio is doing to prevent this behavior.