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Metro: Last Light's Developer Pack DLC hits Sept. 17

Metro: Last Light's third pack of downloadable content, the Developer Pack, will be released Sept. 17 in North America on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam, publisher Deep Silver announced today.

The Developer Pack will launch Sept. 18 on PSN in Europe and the rest of the world.

According to a blog post on the game's official website, the $3.99 DLC will include a survival horror-inspired solo mission called "Spider's Lair."

"The 'Spider's Lair' is pure survival horror, Metro style — it combines all of our limited resource mechanics to pile pressure on the player," the post reads. "You'll be frantically wiping gore from your cracked mask, and hunting for spare filters as your oxygen ticks relentlessly down. The flamethrower's fuel tank needs to be constantly cranked to maintain pressure, and you'll need your torch on full beam at all times..."

The rest of the Developer Pack is made up of a shooting range with marksman challenges and every gun in the game, an AI arena battle where players can pit humans against mutants and a "museum" that allows players to "get up close and personal to our mutants and key NPCs." There's also a new weapon coming with the DLC, which 4A will detail next week.

4A Games revealed the DLC lineup headed to Metro: Last Light earlier this year. The final DLC, the Chronicles Pack, "most closely resembles the Metro campaign experience," according to the developer. For more on the first-person shooter, be sure to check out Polygon's Metro: Last Light review.

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