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Pokemon X and Y trailer shows the new starters' evolutions

The latest trailer for Pokemon X and Y is bursting at the seams with looks at new Pokemon, evolutions and stylistic variations players will encounter in the upcoming 3DS RPG.

First off is a look at the evolved form of the game's three new starters: The grass-type Chespin turns into the rotund, sturdier Quilladin; the water-type Froakie turns into the acrobatic Frogadier; and the fire-type Fennekin evolves into the wand-wielding Braixen. According to the official Pokemon X and Y site, these forms are the first evolutions the starters undergo — assumedly each will have another evolved form after these, following series tradition.

The trailer also offers a look at two Pokemon that can be revived from fossils, the T-Rex-esque Tyrunt and the brontosaurus-looking Amaura, and a handful of new Mega Evolutions, including one for Garchomp and a second Mega Evolved form for Mewtwo — the trailer doesn't explain how the user chooses between Mewtwo's two forms, though.

The game will also allow players to customize their characters and Pokemon with unique styles, which is briefly showcased in the trailer as well. Trainers can equip cosmetic items, like new hats and entire outfits, and can even groom one of X and Y's new monsters, a massive, furry dog called Furfrou. Select Pokemon will also have different looks based on their gender, including the catlike Meowstic and fire-type lion Pokemon Pyroar.

Check out all the new monsters and their new looks in the trailer posted above. Pokemon X and Y launches globally on Nintendo 3DS October 12; for more on the title, check out our hands-on preview from Gamescom 2013.