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Disney 'extremely happy' with early days of Disney Infinity

It's still in the early days of a new property, but Disney is so far extremely happy with Disney Infinity, Disney Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo told a gathering at the 2013 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference this week.

Rasulo said the title launched with "huge interest" and that Disney is anticipating very big things into the holidays for the toy-based video game.

"I don't want to be definitive about something that is in its early days, but if you think about a really great product that has come out recently that had some similarities to Infinity, which is Skylanders, Skylanders Giants in particular ... our sales have been on par with that even though we launched in August and they do theirs in September or October," he said. "We're on that scale, maybe better."

While Rasulo didn't talk specific numbers, he did say that the average age of players, which is 13, is older than they expected and that the game even has a "certain percent" of users over 20.

Disney Infinity's most popular platforms, he said, are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"All indications are great, but these are very early days," he said.

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