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Treasure Adventure World now available for pre-order

Treasure Adventure World, the HD reimagining of Robit Studios' Treasure Adventure Game, is now available for pre-order in six different tiers.

Treasure Adventure World is a 2D adventure platform title that will feature remixed levels, puzzles and multiple endings inspired by the original title. The game's first pre-order tier, starting at $10, includes a copy of the game for Windows PC and a Steam key if the title is Greenlit, as well as access to a monthly chat session with the developers. At the $15 tier, buyers also receive a digital download of the original game's soundtrack.

Further tiers range from $30 to $5,000 and include a mention in the game's credits, access to a private development blog and in-game appearances.

Treasure Adventure World is currently collecting votes on Steam Greenlight. Watch the trailer above for a look at the game. A free version of the original Treasure Adventure Game is available for Windows PC.

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