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NBA 2K14 Crew mode detailed

NBA 2K14's Crew mode will feature several changes and a focus on balance, community manager Chris Manning announced via the game's Facebook page.

According to Manning, players will be able to prepare for online matches and explore a career using MyCareer mode. Players can choose from three-on-three on a half-court or five-on-five on a full-court, with each game going to 21. In addition to customizing jersey designs, players will also be able to designate a crew name and abbreviation. Manning said that the team's goal was to "make it feel as competitive as possible."

"Balance was a focus, especially as the new defensive improvements were incorporated in the game this year," Manning wrote. "With the introduction of more signature skills, better physicality and the new, awe-inspiring blocking targeting system, defense will play a major part in Crews.

"Furthermore, the team made sure to incorporate fatigue, which was tuned specifically for Crews to make it even more realistic. Again, the focus was making a balanced, competitive game mode despite the progression of individual MyPLAYERS."

Crew mode previously appeared in titles such as NBA 2K10 and 2K11; the online mode allowed players to take on opposing teams by joining with friends. NBA 2K14 is slated for launch Oct. 1 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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