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ArenaNet details Guild Wars 2's upcoming balance, skill changes

Guild Wars 2's next update, coming Oct. 15, will address several balance issues and improve select skills, ArenaNet announced via the game's official website.

According to the post, traits will now have tooltips similar to those of skills. This will allow players to see properties such as how long an effect lasts and what its cooldown is. Launch will now be stun breakable, and pet HP will be split between PvE and PvP in order to "make pets and summons more viable" while preventing them from becoming overpowered.

Other changes include tab targeting and floater improvements. The post also asks players to give their thoughts on the update for ArenaNet to take "into consideration."

"Some of these may not make it in for that release, but I wanted to give you guys a high level preview of what we're working on and give you an opportunity to give us your feedback," the post reads.

Check out the full details over at the game's official website.

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