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Nexon to acquire FIFA Online developer

Free-to-play publisher Nexon will begin acquiring all outstanding shares of South Korean online games studio Thingsoft, best known for the FIFA Online series.

The Seoul-based studio is currently working on Sangokushi Sousouden Online and the upcoming Project NT which is slated to launch in 2014.

"Thingsoft has a wealth of experience in the F2P business, and a successful track record of developing AAA content," said Nexon president and CEO Seungwoo Choi.

"Building on our history of successful collaboration together, this transaction leverages the strengths of both companies by providing access to Thingsoft's developmental capabilities and an exciting pipeline of new titles, and Nexon's scale and global distribution platform. We look forward to working with the talented Thingsoft team to deliver a robust portfolio of titles to even more players around the world and across platforms."

According to Thingsoft CEO Sangwon Chung, the transaction will help the studio reach more players and platforms. FIFA Online 3 is a Windows PC-exclusive massively multiplayer online version of EA's massive soccer franchise. The game launched last fall in Korea, where it is published by Nexon. According to EA, FIFA Online 3 is the country's top online game by traffic and revenue, and its revenue in the company's first fiscal 2014 quarter was up 88 percent on a non-GAAP basis from FIFA Online 2 a year ago.

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