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Mutant League Football creator launches Kickstarter revival, Mutant Football League

The creator and lead designer of the original Mutant League Football is bringing the post-apocalyptic sports series back with a Kickstarter campaign for a new game, Mutant Football League.

Michael Mendheim served as lead designer on the 1993 Sega Genesis game Mutant League Football and its 1994 follow-up, Mutant League Hockey. He's leading the team that's working on this revival, which is in development on Xbox Live Arcade, iOS and Android. Robomodo, the Chicago-based studio behind Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, is contributing to art direction and production. The developers are asking for $750,000 in their Kickstarter campaign, and have stretch goals listed all the way up to $3 million.

"The fans have kept their interest in this genre alive over the years and we want to reward them for their loyalty," said Mendheim in a press release today. "We will be creating a new and very different game that pays homage to classic monster sports games and parodies the owners, the coaches, the sponsors and everything else that makes football such a great American sport."

Mendheim and his team are currently planning to release Mutant Football League in July 2015. It's unclear if they had to get permission from Electronic Arts, the publisher of the original games, in order to make this follow-up.

"While it would have been terrific to work with some of the talented individuals that are still at EA, I must say that we're looking forward to having full creative control over a new storyline, characters and environments so that players can enjoy the absurdly grotesque, tongue-through-cheek, monster-and-mutant gameplay experience that we want to make," said Mendheim in the Kickstarter pitch.

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