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Battlefield 4 trailer highlights multiplayer gameplay options and new features

The latest trailer for Battlefield 4, EA Digital Illusions CE's upcoming first-person shooter, highlights the game's multiplayer combat, new Commander Mode, scale of maps, dynamic environments and more.

As highlighted in the video, multiplayer gameplay offered by Battlefield 4 caters to players who like to set out on their own to those who like to work in close-knit teams to accomplish objectives. The trailer also looks at Battlefield 4's multiplayer vehicle warfare, customization options and Batttlelog.

According to lead multiplayer designer Thomas "Tompen" Andersson, the game's multiplayer is designed to "highly encourage" but "never force" gamers to work together as a team in matches. The latest iteration in the series also features the "most personal weapon customization ever," with customization options totalling more than three times the number of weapons and accessories compared to previous Battlefield titles.

Battlefield 4 will be released Oct. 29 on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The shooter will launch on Nov. 19 for Xbox One and Nov. 12 for PlayStation 4. For more about Battlefield 4's multiplayer, be sure to catch up on our hands-on impressions.

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