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Ghost 'n Goblins Online appears on Steam Greenlight

Ghost 'n Goblins Online, a free-to-play action role-playing game set in the universe of Capcom's Ghost 'n Goblins series, appeared on Steam Greenlight this morning courtesy of developer Seed 9 Games.

According to the Greenlight page, "the legendary Ghosts 'n Goblins is back as a PC online game." The game includes side-scrolling platform elements and the page mentions a wide range of skills for players to master, new enemies and newly-designed environments as well as the added ability to move characters in any direction.

The page lists a new skill-based player-versus-player combat mode in which up to six players can go head to head. These matches are available for three-on-three or a less crowded one-on-one. Additionally, players who "miss the extreme difficulty of the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins" — suggesting Online will be less intense — will be able to test their skills in the Demonic Dimension, a dedicated area preserving the original game's difficulty level.

"Just like the original title, just one hit by a monster makes you almost naked and unarmored, just underwear, but you can still fight until the second hit which takes your life away," reads the page. "Playing in the Demonic Dimension will give you the same exciting and thrilling challenges of the past."

Korean-based developer Seed 9 Games currently lists Ghost 'n Goblins Online on its website as a new spin on the original 1985 game. We've reached out to publisher Capcom for more details on the title, and will share more information as we receive it.

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