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Killzone: Shadow Fall Assault class boasts defense shields, stuns and friendly drones

Killzone: Shadow Fall's Assault class is designed for offensive-minded players, giving access to a handful of powerful attacks for the front line of battle, according to a blog post on the Killzone website.

Assault players can choose from five weapons to augment their baked-in secondary abilities. These abilities include the Speed Dash skill, which allows players to move quickly for a short period of time. This skill will come in handy during Search and Destroy missions that require a quick takedown or when players need a speedy retreat.

The Assault class's Stun Blast ability will temporarily blind and stun nearby enemies, a useful skill for overtaking a groups of enemies. And the Buddy Drone ability brings a flying drone into combat — a companion that will have customizable skins — which will automatically attack any enemies nearby

In addition to these offensive skills, Assault class players will have one primary ability build for defense: the Nano Shield. Nano Shields are temporary energy screens that will block all oncoming enemy attacks but let players' and their teammates' fire through. The post warns that E-Pulse attacks can destroy Nano Shields as well as Buddy Drones.

In the coming weeks, the Killzone blog has promised to share posts detailing the abilities of the remaining two multiplayer classes, the Scout class and the Support class.

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