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SimCity collaboration with Red Cross to provide real-world assistance

SimCity players who purchase and download Red Cross-branded digital content will be able to help people affected by real-world disasters, Maxis Emeryville general manager Patrick Buechner announced.

Content will be available for one year beginning today, though players who purchase it will have it for life. The DLC adds a Red Cross Relief center, tents and two vehicles, which appear when in-game disasters strike.

"Sims that would otherwise have been critically injured are instead offered aid at the Red Cross relief tents," Buechner wrote. "As the city recovers from the natural disaster, the Red Cross tents will disappear. Each disappearing tent will then release 10 healthy Sims back into the player's affected city. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars will continue to protect a player's city alongside the Red Cross services."

At least 80 percent of contributed funds will be donated to the Red Cross; according to the post, Electronic Arts plans to give a minimum of $100,000. The Red Cross pack is available through the SimCity Store for $9.99.

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